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Why Use a Local Appliance Repair Company?

At All City Appliance, we understand the impact we’ve had on Milwaukee, and we don’t take it lightly.

• Our phone number begins with “414” not “800.” We serve only Milwaukee County, and that means we can reach customers more quickly than big companies who travel all over the region. Who wants to wait two weeks for an appointment?

• We know our customers and they know us; they come back to us whenever they need another repair, and they refer others to us. Our best “advertising” is word of mouth!

• We use local parts stores, so we’re contributing to their livelihood, as well as adding to the local economy. It also means we have a smaller environmental impact; because we source our materials locally, we’re creating less traffic, less air pollution, and less packaging in landfills. (Incidentally, we’re keeping appliances out of landfills too!)

• According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for every dollar spent with a small business, almost 70 cents stays in that community. At a time when the economy is uncertain, All City Appliance is supporting Milwaukee’s growth and resilience.

• You will always speak to a human being when you call All City Appliance. The owner of the company answers the phone, and if she’s talking to another customer, she will call you back. Yes, that sounds like a no-brainer, but we spoke to a new customer recently who said All City Appliance was the sixth company she had called; no one else even answered the phone! How are those companies staying in business?

Thanks so much for supporting this small, local Milwaukee business!

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