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While some of our fondest memories are made in the summer, one event we’re not crazy about is seeing the numbers on the energy bill go up. Admittedly, a higher energy bill is to be expected. Hotter temperatures mean cranking up the AC, and summer fun activities often require more frequent laundry and dish loads. However, there are small changes we can make to be proactive about lowering that energy bill.

Tip #1: Rearrange Your Refrigerator

We tend to stock up on food in the summer, whether it’s snacks for the kids or taking advantage of the season’s newly ripe fruits and vegetables, but overloading your refrigerator ends up using more energy. Not only is the appliance having to work harder to keep all your items fresh, but overstocking the shelves blocks the circulation of cool air, leaving your fridge working double time.

Tip #2: Change the Dishwasher Settings

Hosting summer barbecues and dinner parties make for great fun but they also make for more dirty dishes. Make sure you’re washing full loads versus frequent half loads and take advantage of advanced features like eco cycles, cold water selections, and opt out of heated drying cycles.

For a change that will make a little more impact, skip the dishwasher all together and hand wash your dishes!

Tips #3: Look for Alternatives when Drying Clothes

Simply put, you can take advantage of the summer sun and hang clothes to dry on a clothes line, or even make the smallest change by air drying clothes you usually put through an Air Fluff/No Heat cycle.

If that’s not practical, switch up your laundry routine and dry clothes at night. The house is cooler at night after the sun goes down, meaning the residual heat from your dryer won’t affect your thermostat as much and your air conditioner won’t have to work harder to cool down the house. Also, make sure to wash laundry in full loads and in cold water, so your water heater stays cooler too!

Tip #4: Don’t Make Your Air Conditioner Work Harder By Cooking

We can’t go without cooking for an entire summer, but cutting down on daily usage during peak hours will make a difference you’ll instantly feel. Try reheating leftovers in the microwave or grilling outside to help keep the house cool. If you do use the oven on a particularly hot day, keep the oven door closed to keep the heat inside the oven as much as possible.

Stay cool, friends!

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