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At this time of year, we often have visions of a perfect holiday feast, complete with a turkey, challah, or a fancy hor d'oeuvre coming out of a spotless oven to the “oohs” and “aahs” of waiting family and friends.


SCREEEECH ... it’s that “spotless oven” part that’s the problem! Cleaning your oven by hand might be a huge pain, but a self-cleaning oven has its own drawbacks.


You might know that self-cleaning ovens work by reaching extreme temperatures of up to 1000 degrees to burn off food particles and grease in your oven, creating that spotless oven we all love. However, cleaning your oven with this super-hot method can cause major damage to the control panel, the heating elements, the thermostat, and other oven parts, leading to everything from a minor inconvenience to a costly repair.


If you’re determined to use your oven’s self-cleaning feature, DO IT NOW, so you can take care of any possible repairs before your holiday celebrations. The last thing you want is an oven that won’t hold a steady temperature or – even worse – won’t work at all! Make sure you understand the self-cleaning instructions of your particular oven, as each model is different. Take kids and pets out of the room with you so they don’t inhale any toxic fumes or get too close to the hot, hot oven!


If you DO need your oven or other appliance repaired, give All City Appliance a call. We’re happy to help!

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